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“I would advise students to identify the field they really love, and not blindly follow a current „hot” topic.”
Werner RodejohannERC Group Leader - Heidelberg (Germany)
“Be aware that this is a dangerous field, where progress is slow, but if you are really interested…”
Claus KieferProfessor - Koeln (Germany)
“Pay attention to computing and statistics. They’re at least as important as QFT and GR!”
David MarshPostdoc - Perimeter Institute (Canada)
“I hadn’t realized it was so relevant to get papers published in peer-reviewed journals”
Ivo de Medeiros VarzielasPostdoc - Lisbon (Portugal)
"Do not feel that you have to follow the latest fashionable trend like a shoal of fish."
Steve F. KingProfessor - Southampton (England)
”I recall I was often questioning myself whether I was “good enough” to pursue a career…”
Michal MalinskýResearch Scientist - Prague (Czech Republic)
“Explore everything, and find out which topics or questions you are passionate about.”
Elliot NelsonPostdoc - Perimeter Institute (Canada)
”I would take away the power of decision making from people who do not do original work.”
Goran SenjanovićProfessor - ICTP (Italy)


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